Glacier Express panoramic train - day tour from Zurich


Discontinued until further notice

Due to the Glacier Express booking system, this tour is at this time not bookable. Already confirmed bookings are not affected.

Why did we have to discontinue this tour?

The booking for the Glacier Express departures opens 90 days before departure. However not at a particular time; simply somewhere between midnight and the morning hours. When the booking is open, the 30 first-class seats can sell out within minutes or an hour during the peak season. The booking system often has technical problems (5/10 of our last bookings). Together with the high demand, this makes it unplannable for us and a matter of luck if seats can be obtained for you, our valued customers. Therefore we do apologize, but we can`t offer this tour as long as the booking system is not improved.

Why don`t we offer tours in 2nd class?

The second class carriages with 48 seats can feel pretty crowded. The à la carte food service does not help and provides a rather hectic atmosphere (see Tripadvisor reviews). As we did not have good feedback from our customers, we decided to discontinue this tour entirely for now as quality, and providing you with a memorable holiday are more important to us than revenue.


Alternative 1

Glacier Express tour on local trains:

Travel on the regular trains, as locals do. These trains are very comfortable. Often only half-full, with free seating. This allows you to move around and take better pictures. The older trains, frequently used on these routes, have even windows which can be opened so that you can take perfect pictures without any glare from the windows. Attention: the local trains don`t have any food service onboard. You can buy snacks and drinks at the stations and consume them on-board.

The price for the tour on local trains is lower as well, as no seat reservation fees/ surcharges have to be paid.

Alternative 2

Bernina Express:

This route is spectacular. Travel on the panoramic train from the Rhaetian Railways from Chur to Tirano on the Albula/Bernina train line, one of only three UNESCO world heritage train routes worldwide. First, you cross the Landwasser viaduct, a masterpiece of architecture. Then you cross the Alps over the Bernina mountain pass. See the Morteratsch Glacier, the three lakes; Ley Najr, Ley Pitschen and Lago Bianco (Summer only), and for dessert the Brusio circular viaduct.

Alternative 3

Do you want a tour with more activity? Why not combine a scenic train ride with a visit of a mountain peak. For example, with our signature Zermatt & Gornergrat tour from Zurich, Lucerne or Interlaken. You get a scenic train ride and you can visit a mountain peak. A more diverse journey and unforgettable experience, along with many excellent photo opportunities.