what makes our day tours of switzerland so special

- a letter from the CEO

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I`m sure you heard a lot of good things about Switzerland: How beautiful it is, the mountains, the world famous Swiss cheese, and chocolate...

...but you probably heard that it is quite expensive as well, and you are sure that you can`t afford a private guide showing you a full day the best places Switzerland has to offer.

Well, let me prove you wrong.
Competitors charge twice as much and don`t even include train tickets. You may ask, how can we offer these prices to you?
We love Switzerland, and we love to show it to you. We don`t do it to put a Porsche in the garage and a Rolex on our wrist at your expense.

Sure the day tours cost still some money, that`s because all our tours include already the train tickets, which are quite expensive in Switzerland and the entry fees.

Further our private day tours are operated only by top motivated business partners. They include a fair salary of approx. CHF 200.- per tour/group.

There is no need for tipping. As a local custom, service is already included in the price.

The tour price is the final price you have to pay. No surprises.

We rely fully on the public transportation system of the Swiss Federal Railways and the corresponding mountain railways. While it`s costly, it is faster, and it offers far more comfort than a small van without any on board facilities would. Further, with a van, most of our tours would begin with a traffic jam, and I am pretty sure the rush hour traffic of Zurich and Bern are not on your to-do list.

Our fairness policy let you reserve tours without a deposit and cancel shortly before departure if your plans change for free. For detailed information see section "FAQ."

We even check the weather for you before departure. If the weather forecast looks bad we recommend to cancel free of charge. If possible we suggest a different itinerary.

I traveled the world myself for years and saw the tremendous value of a local guide. That`s the reason why I started offering this service at a very affordable price for the people who travel to my beautiful country.

Don`t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience to see Switzerland as locals do.

Book your Swiss day tour by train from Zurich, Lucerne or Interlaken today.

Sincerely yours

Mark Huggenberger, CEO SWISSDAYTOURS

Mark Huggenberger